Fair Parking Lot License

Each year during the fall Washington State Fair, some residents and businesses in the vicinity of the fairgrounds provide event parking in yards or other open spaces. If you would like to provide fair parking on your property and your lot has a capacity of 15 or more vehicles, you must apply for a special business license.

The application fee is $37.50 per parking lot. The special business license is valid throughout the duration of the fall Washington State Fair. Application fees are payable by personal check, money order or exact change cash.

The application is available through the Quick Link on this page or from the City Clerk's Office located on the 4th floor of the Puyallup City Hall, 333 So. Meridian, Puyallup. For further questions, you may contact the city clerk's office at (253) 841-4321.


View the fair parking lot application (PDF)

More Information

Brochure: Parking cars on your property during the fair (PDF)