Civil Application Review Process

The Civil application review process consists of three phases: Phase 1 begins with the Application Acceptance, which the City will complete the Acceptance Criteria Checklist. Submittals meeting the criteria will continue to phase 2. If the criteria is not met, the application will be returned to the applicant without further review. Phase 2 is the submittal of the Formatting Checklist. Phase 3 concludes with the Design Review. The City will complete the Design Review Checklist. At that time submittals meeting all City criteria standards will be approved. Submittals that do not meet the City Standards will not be approved and the applicant will be asked to resubmit plans that conform to City Standards.

​To help make this process easier for our applicants, we encourage you to clink on each of the below links and begin filling out your required documents.

Design Review Checklist Forms

Right of Way Permit

A Right of Way Permit (PDF) is required whenever work is being performed over, under or upon public right-of-way. This can include projects such as repairing or installing sidewalk, curb and gutter, driveway approach, and utility lines that are within the public right-of-way. A permit is also required for work that may obstruct the public right-of-way, such as a traffic lane or sidewalk.

Bond and insurance must be submitted with permit application. Puyallup bond form

Site Development Permit

A Site Development Permit (PDF) can be applied for upon Preliminary Site Plan approval and the issuance of a SEPA determination (if applicable) from the Planning Division.

If the project disturbs one acre or more, the applicant must apply for an NPDES Construction Stormwater General Permit from the Department of Ecology.

As part of obtaining the permit, the applicant is required to publish two public notices in a newspaper that has general circulation in Pierce County. The applicant must publish a public notice one time each week, for two weeks in a row, with seven days between publishing dates. A 30-day public comment is required after the second publication.
For additional information, reference the Department of Ecology's website.

Clear, Fill & Grade Permit

A Clear, Fill and Grade Permit (PDF) is required whenever excavating 5 feet or more in vertical depth on any portion of a site, fills of 8 inches or more of vertical depth on any portion of a site or the removal, deposit or displacement of 100 cubic yards or more of material during any two year period. For more information on Clearing, Filling and Grading see PMC Chapter 21.14

Utility Connection Permit

A Utility Permit (PDF) is required for new connections to the City's sanitary sewer, water or storm system or when replacing or repairing a water service or sanitary sewer laterals on private property.

House Moving Permit

A House Moving Permit (PDF) is required to move a building along or across any public place. All applications shall be made to the City's Permit Center at least three weeks prior to the date of the proposed move, except that where the current and proposed building location is not within the city, then application shall be made no sooner than five (5) days prior to the proposed move.

Grease Interceptor Permit

A Grease Interceptor (PDF) is required to be installed for restaurants, commercial kitchens or other fat, oil and grease generating facilities that produce any waste streams containing fat, oil and grease (FOG).