WSU LID Frontage Improvements

The WSU Low Impact Development (LID) and Frontage Improvement Project provides economic development, environmental, water quality, and alternative transportation benefits while establishing the largest Low Impact Development demonstration site in the State of Washington. The project includes porous asphalt and pervious concrete improvements on existing streets along Washington State University (WSU) frontage in Puyallup. The project will establish provide water quality treatment for over seven million gallons of stormwater per year that would otherwise flow into Clarks Creek and other nearby salmon-bearing creeks as untreated runoff. That’s enough water to cover a football field almost 20 feet deep.

The overall project is divided into five phases for management and funding purposes. The project goals address TMDL requirements of the City's NPDES Stormwater permit: remove impervious surface and reduce untreated stormwater flows into Clarks Creek. Additional benefits of the project include: repair failing roadways, improve safety by adding separated sidewalks and cycle tracks, increase utility capacity, demonstrate the application and benefits of LID with real-time data, provide water quality data for WSU-based research for LID Best Management Practices, and dramatically improve local water quality through on-site stormwater management. The project will replace existing impervious roadways with pervious concrete and porous asphalt, add pervious concrete sidewalks, and install rain gardens in the medians and sidewalk setback areas.

Project Phases

Description Status Funding
Phase 1: W Pioneer-Clarks Creek bridge to Fruitland Ave intersection Design-Complete
Design-100% funded with grant and city funds
​Construction-100% funded with grant and city funds
Phase 2: Fruitland Ave-intersection with W Pioneer to 9th Ave SW Conceptual Not funded
Phase 3: Intersection of W Pioneer & Fruitland Avenue Deign-2017-2018
Design-100% funded with city funds

​Construction-seeking funding
Phase 4A: W Pioneer-600-foot section west of Fruitland intersection Design-2017-2019
Design-100% grant funded

​Construction-Partially funded with grant and city funds; remaining funding sources still being identified
Phase 4B: W Pioneer-700-foot section west of Phase 4A Design-2017-2019
Design-100% grant funded

​Construction-currently applying for grant funding; remaining funding sources still being identified
Phase 5: 9th Avenue SW, west of Fruitland Avenue Conceptual Not funded
View map of the project phases

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Status Updates

Review of milestones in the project​
  • Q1 2019 - Construction begins on Phase 1.
  • May 23, 2017 - Contract awarded to KPG to continue design on Phases 3, 4a and 4b.
  • 2015 - Phase 1 Design completed in 2015 under earlier grant funding.